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"accio brendon's update!", "i luv panic! 22shows in a row!!!", "jon said no", "think of the mailman!", "you get cuter at christmastime", *bing&bogart&clover&dylan&marley&penny, 041210, 052410, 356+1 days, ;), accio wwofhp, always northern downpour, antwerp, ass n titties, bacon flavored kisses, balls to the wall, baroquetronica, bbu is not a synonym for sex, being jon for halloween, being manly men, big spoon, birthday eves, bondage dungeon in the basement, breakfast in bed, brend and jonet, bucket loads, call four-beer-brendon for a good time, camping, cat dogs, cats! at the disco, cookiedough ninja party, dear jon walker.docx, doin' my ninja thing (in bed), earth+fire=lava, equipo de jon walker, f&m, fabric swatches nightmares, fabulous pet weddings fashion, fancy fucking, fattie and flab, fleebendoorfen, flustered jwalk, forever the gayest dudes, fourever, fruit some birthday sex, fucking good head, funfunfun with, gay weddings in space, glowbowl, grilled cheesus+tomato soup body shots, harder better faster strongaaah, herp derpin' yerk,,, human margaritas, hypothetical bondage, i rove you, i want candy, ice cream in bed, iron pants, jedi mind powers, jerkin it to old dick, jjw & bbu 4EVA, jon always wins, jon bieber, jon is a dirty cheater, jon jacat jingle heimer schmitt walker, jon walker home recordings, jon walker's noodle dancing, jon's camool, jon's crooked nose, jon's photoshop skills, jonder mifflin, jonminusnine: i am a super flamer, jwalk forever&ever awards, jwalk's icons, killing jon on balloono, kittenish jwalk, lawfully wedded yerk, let's osculate, little jon peep, lots of cushion for the pushin', manly nine months, mars, megahugs, monthversaries, mormon ninja squad, mormon space ranger, most luscious ass, my boyfriend is a babe, my internet boyfriend, nachos weed & bieber, naked and flopping, naked inception, never say valentines day, ninjas › pirates, not watersports, not!boris, nude delivery, official boyfriends, oh j-o-n-e-t i love you so, om and nom, one whole year, our animal family, panic! at the wilderness, peaceful = pacific, phone sex, picky hos, playing burglar&sexy unsuspecting homeowner, pokémon furries, pretend hateful kisses, private parties, really warm beds, retarded faces unite, ridiculous amounts of bias, rule#1: no nudity in the kitchen, s'affoler à la disco, secret planos, seven slithering serpents, sex swings, sexy stache, silly oblivious IT guy, sky sexing, skype dating, sleepkissing, slowbro, snakedick, space needle fancy dates, speaking spanish, stockholm syndrome mission: accomplished, stripper bartender school, stripteases and cherries, superhero creep, swoon city is my city, the ss stupid for you boat, the virgin&the vixen, the young brobecks at the disco, to infinity and beyond with you, toasty warm cuddles, tongue baths, traveling circus family, twinkle twinkle little star, unbirthday parties, van tetris, walker reunions in the kitchen, westlife › mr big, winning at pool, yerkmas '10, yerks, youtube serenades, zero gravity space sex
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